Simon, what’s your favourite Parisian stereotype?
The baguette.

You said you don’t believe in the „Parisian girl”, why is that?
I don’t like the fashion cliché about the Parisian girl, Iʼm more into the French girl.

How French is too French?
Sorry? I don’t understand English!

The young woman in your collections, which city would she live in?
No rules.

What importance does mediterranean lifestyle play in your design process?
You can always find the blue and the white that symbolise the sea - it’s one of my obsessions.

Is there a working ritual you have developed during your work process?

Croissant, cigarette and black coffee for breakfast!?
Not at all.

Would you design for the crew of an aircraft?
Yes, for Air France of course.

Describe Jacquemus in three words.
Naive, ultra simple, positive.

Favourite female name?

Ryan Paris or Muriel Dacq?
Muriel Dacq.


Photography  Theresa Marx
Styling  Tine Kozjak
Models  Bruna Ludke, Eva Klimkova @ Elite Paris & Tessa Westerhof
Hair  Danielle Carson @ Sayaka Otama
Make-Up  Maki Ihara
Assistant Photography  Jurgita Dileviciute
Assistant Styling  Aline Mia Kästli

Fashion, EditorialTheresa Marx