If rumour and conjecture are anything to go by, the era of Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent may be coming to an end. After 13 seasons at the French powerhouse, the designer took his first bow at the end of the show. It was the presentation of his Men’s Fall Collection - and „Part One” of the Women’s at the Palladium in Los Angeles.

One question remains: the rather radical decision to present the show in Los Angeles - amongst the palms and fever of its celebrity ecosystem - could be interpreted as either another of Hedi’s brilliant marketing ideas - or perhaps his final (no fucks given) goodbye to Saint Laurent.

The tendency shifts towards the second option, given he showed explicit references to personal signatures such as the attenuated silhouettes he introduced during his first tenure at Saint Laurent. In menswear, the flirtations with androgyny he refined later at Dior Homme.

After all, it makes sense. The collection was an homage to the 50th anniversary of Rive Gauche, a collection Yves begun with Left Bank Paris at the height of its cultural power. Slimane understands L.A. to be the modern-day equivalent. We salute you once again Hedi - a radical marketing genius.


Art Direction Mody Al Khufash
Photography David Gomez
Words Stefan Dotter