Vancouver-based rapper and visual artist, Tommy Genesis, is music’s latest female rap sensation. Like many before her, she utilised the internet to get her music heard but she was soon discovered by Atlanta’s cult rap king Father, who signed her to his experimental record label, Awful Records. She broke through with her first official album release „World Vision”. Sharp, provocative lyrics paired with a distinctive Harajuku schoolgirl style won the hearts of every kinky teenager and soundcloud nerd. Now her much anticipated second album „World Vision 2” is set to be released this year. Whitelies Magazine reached out to Tommy Genesis to find out what we can expect from her.

How would you describe your music and yourself to someone who hasn’t encountered either yet?
You’re on a road trip. You enter a dark tunnel. The tunnel is a hole. You fall. But then you hit something soft and a perfect ten is braiding your hair while her twin is sitting in your lap, butterfly style. And you smile cause it smells like cherry pie. You can almost taste it.

What can they expect from your second Awful album release „World Vision 2”?
To be honest I have no idea. I just make the art and wait for you to tell me how it makes you feel. But I hope it makes you feel wet with no regrets.

You’ve talked openly about not being able to identify your gender growing up. How does this connect with your pseudonym Tommy Genesis?
Genesis is my real name. Even though it’s androgynous I guess, my mom meant it to be pretty. So Tommy is kinda what I would have named myself, if I was my own mother.

Do you receive more scrutiny as a female rapper than you’d expect as a man?
I don’t but, I am also not as I appear. I really don’t recognize or reward hate. If you hate on me, you’re alone with your hate. That’s your best friend.

You once majored in film and sculpture. Tell us about what led you to transition from those media to music?
Sculpture was object based. Film lived online in an intangible area. It allowed me to grow into an artist.

What influence do the visual arts exert on your music?
I have a secret list of art works and artists that inspire me.

You’re a self-confessed anime lover. What are your favourite characters and why?
Nnime-lover. Hentai lover. The difference is I’m into anime porn and Ecchi. Not really anime. Even though I watch it, but not as much as Slug Christ does.

Tell me something people might not know about you.
I smile a lot and I don’t eat animals.

What else can we look forward to from you in the months ahead?
„World Vision 2 & 3”. I’m going on tour with Father. Then I’m going to pass out in a tropical jungle for a while.

Words & Interview Cheyenne Tulsa
Photography Katrin Braga