Marija Kulusic is a fashion designer based in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb. Behind her designs there is always a story or a concept, around which she creates her own little world. Her attention is especially focused on the details and fabric techniques while looking for new solutions and silhouettes. Her work is often described as complex minimalism. We sat down with the designer for a quick chat.


Marija, where did you grow up?
In Zagreb, Croatia.

How did growing up in an environment that is not necessairily fashion centered influence your work?
Very often I felt limited here and fashion design is a very challenging journey to be on in Croatia. I often couldn’t find what I imagined or there was no one to do it for me so I had to push myself constantly to make the best I can from the situation and that was not a bad thing. I learned what is my aesthetic seeing most of the fashion that sells here - bridal and evening gowns, that made me realize - I don’t want to do that, it doesn’t do it for me.

No bridal gowns. Are you a romantic?
Maybe somewhere deep underneath. I am more rational person but sometimes beautiful people make me show my other side.

What’s your favourite scent?
Freshly cut grass on a sunny day, the smell of sea. And other kind of scent, Givenchy Eaudemoiselle.

Sensual. What scares you?
Violent, evil people who lack love.


Current mood?
More sun, less rain.

Anyone you look up to?
That would probably be my mother. Nothing was ever difficult for her.

Any muses in your life?
No, but people I see on my travels and on the street move and inspire me.

Are we going to see you work one of the fashion capitals anytime soon?
I am constatly thinking about it and people very often ask me the same question. Somehow I can’t decide and make that final step - yes it’s easy to pack things and go but it’s so much more than that. It has something to do with my country, the way of easy going life here; great food, people, sea and my family. To be honest it is also a bit the fear of the unknown but that is at the same time a good thing.


Interview & Words Stefan Dotter
Photography Franjo Matkovic
Model Laura Bracun @ Talia Model
Make-Up Petra Sever
Assistant Antonija Siljic