Fruit is life
the root of it all
prospering richness and majesty
committing its ripest self to earth
giving its sweetest juice
proposing its nourishing flesh
bearing seeds of birth and growth
fruit is the unconditional yes to living yes
i worship you

Magali Delion’s Insta Art is a life choice far off the digital sphere. Call them modern still lifes, call them food-sculptures. Delion’s pictures are highly reminiscent of the father of them all - Caravaggio himself. However what is in high-art often referred to as natura morte is turned into the exact opposite in her pictures. Praising the liveliness of nature and its decay Delion has dedicated herself to Fruitarianism since the age of 20, making her „Fruit is life“-Sculptures a lifelong project.

Poetry Magali Delion
Words Katharina Korbjuhn