Back in the eighties, when the Western world was deluged by a wave of blue denim, Carhartt’s brown duck work coats entered the streets as an antidote. Detached from their original purpose of attiring hard-working men in mines and on railroad tracks, they arrived in our cities as some sort of new anti-denim. Soon after, through its cooperation with the European distributor Work in Progress, the American workwear classic would spawn Carhartt WIP.

This whole legacy has now been collected within the „WORK IN PROGRESS: THE CARHARTT WIP ARCHIVES” book published by eponimous house Rizzoli with different cover versions. It showcases a diveres visual voyage. Less conceived as a complete survey on the brand’s history, but rather as a celebratory, transatlantic stroll along some of its most formative moments, the publication traces Carhartt WIP’s close connections with various creative scenes and subcultures from Detroit to Berlin, Paris to Toyko - and beyond.  The book is available at selected bookshops worldwide and in Carhartt WIP stores.


Shyheim, an affiliate of the Wu-Tang Clan,
photographed by Xavier De Nauw

Danny Brown in one of his custom Carhartt WIP stage outfits,
photographed by Schiko, 2014

Early Carhartt WIP Catalogues,
photographed by Joachim Gern


Hugo Liard,
photographed by Alexander Basile, 2001

Classic items in a recent collection,
photographed by Michael Elijah, 2015


Youths in Detroit,
photographed by Gemma Booth, 2000

Sketch for the patented Bib Overall and a portrait of Hamilton Carhartt

Pontus Alv with the second issue of Carhartt WIP’s Rugged,
photographed by Taxi Marcus, 2003