Rachel, what did you eat for breakfast?
My sister Vanessa made me a juice.

Who were your influences when you started, who are they now and how has that changed?
I am inspired by so many people now but mostly people from the past who shot with film. When I started I really didn’t know anything about photographers or had done any prior research. My influences was just from a kid and loving imagery from my past or through the media. I think as time goes on I appreciate photographers who shoot landscape which is something I didn’t appreciate when I was younger.

We first found you through your series „We were in Sicily”. We’ve been stucked by how timeless your photographs felt. I just came back from my very own trip to Sicily and now I can also say you captured it perfectly. What do you like the most about the Sicilian culture?
All of my heritage is Italian. Mainly Sicilian but I was not born there and had never been to Italy before that trip I took those photos on. My whole life I had fantasied about Italy and wondered what it would be like. My family would always tell me my traits came from my Sicilian side usually having to do with my intense emotions and apperance. I always felt like Sicily was this mystical place that I would somehow figure out all about myself if I would visit. And I did. I think that is why the photos seem timeless, I think a lot of the imagery was manifested from a lifetime of obsessing and day dreaming about this place that my roots were from. Whom I shared the experience with was Natalie Krim who is the subject of a lot of the photos I took and her appearance I always described as timeless. She has incredible taste and lead us to a lot of the right places where those photos took place.

What I like most about Sicilian culture is that the people are so open to start a conversation with you there. I love its history, deteriorating architecture and these hidden churches that exist. I loved the energy and appreciation for the produce especially the fish.


What eye color do you find sexiest?
Depends on what brain those eyes are connected to.

Can you tell us the exact moment when you knew art was going to become a major part of your life?
Everyone always told me I was an artist growing up and I would always never agree and try to fight that because I never wanted to be an artist but I do remember the first time I really realized it I was in a car driving home on a summer night looking out the window and for the first time I recognized that maybe not everyone has a constant visual flood of ideas in their head and that I had to start taking my thoughts more seriously and that I was meant to create them. I always feel like Im just beginning no matter how much I do.

What do you think you will be doing in your 80’s?
Hopefully entertaining grand kids and inspiring others.

Current mood?


What scares you?
Everything can scare me. Life freaks me out. I feel like I’m naturally on an acid trip all the time and everything is so bizarre to me but my fears are what push me in life. Without my fears maybe I wouldn’t be creating.

In the Nude, all that is not beautiful is obscene. What’s your relationship towards the subject?
It is all beautiful.

Your favorite scent?
Scent of my home, scent of loved ones and scent of the night after rain.


Photography Rachel Roze
Interview Stefan Dotter