Italy is the ground we walk on, the place we love like devoted children, the country we admire for its stunning beauty. As a contrast, in sad dismay, we can’t stop expressing our disappointment. We don’t believe in fashion as a fake cultural structure, but we support the emancipation of a society struggling with protecting minorities and our generation.

Religion, politics, work and sexual diversity – themes seen through the lenses of our aesthetics. The audience is free to read our visual journey as they wish. „Go easy” has been our mantra: we’re giving some clues through these pictures, the starting point of a silent but productive dialogue we want to establish with anyone looking.


Art Direction Nicola Novello & Anita Viero
Photography Nicola Novello  Styling Anita Viero
Models Zorana Maslakovic, Anita Pierobon & Francesco Salollari
Collaborator Serena Novello