Gentle Monster is a series of concept stores all over the world, each designed by a different architect in regard to an aesthetic or a philosophical idea.

Past and present coexist in Gentle Monster’s store ‘bathhouse’. Coexistence was chosen as a means of remembering the things that we don’t want to forget, but will be forgotten.

Bukchon, Seoul
South Korea



An experimental side track from Gentle Monster’s extravagant flagship locations, a slightly more naturalistic approach towards design. ‘Gentle Monster Parallel’ presents a selection of colors and frames from our 2017 collection, specifically curated to accentuate the design concept and inspiration behind the space.

Sinsa Parallel, Seoul
South Korea



Gentle Monster’s Daegu flagship store is the starting point of secret neighbors campaign which adapted its first secret theme, 'laundry'. Trace left behind by Tsony Train, Eli Sebastian and David Sakhai who criticized society through act of forgery are found within.

South Korea



Gentle Monster brings a space of zen, inspired by the spirit, emotions and oriental traditions associated with harvesting, to the core of Los Angeles’ core historical theatre district. Showcasing rare and unique finishes ranging from marble and metal to mother-of-pearl, Gentle Monster’s Harvest brings a sense of nature in the heart of downtown. The space takes visitors on a journey through the stages of harvest from paddy fields through threshing with captivating kinetic installations and handmade visual objects to create a unique and never before experienced space.

Los Angeles



Images Courtesy of
Gentle Monster