Painting graffiti at the age of fourteen made Tobias Faisst want to become a graphic designer. He got his degree in communication design years later and the career in photography started around the same time, as he got more and more into it during his studies.

He describes his work as graphic with harsh lines and a strong emphasis on surface structures and strong contrasts, which can blur the lines between reality and surrealistic perceptions. The viewers are forced to confront themselves with their own emotions regarding the messages conveyed in Faisst’s work, although he himself is not trying to convey anything rather than trying to understand his notions of the outside world.


Faisst can find inspiration in anything and pays attention to the tiniest details of his environment, to set a different focus for each of his photo series, always depending on his current state of mind. Said focus might confuse or even discomfort some viewers, especially in contrast with shallow or cheesy images we get confronted with on a daily basis via social media. That's why it was important to him to depict the world from rather cold and sober point of view in his latest work EIDOS.


Images Courtesy of
Tobias Faisst