December 9th 2017 - February 9th 2018
Sirona Fine Art, 600 Silks Run, 1240 Hallandale Beach, Florida


Dunlap began showing his work at a young age with Sirona’s gallery director at a gallery in New York City over a decade ago, and it is an honor to continue that representation of such a serious artist, whose skills only deepen through the years.

Dunlap describes his new works as a continuation of his search into his skills and passions as a painter. His works are not political or concept driven, yet still there is an abstract symbolism that he tries to achieve with color and composition. One of the ways that Dunlaps work has evolved is a deliberate flattening of the background space, an interplay of areas of pure paint and areas of carefully resolved and rendered form. There are newer ideas of color here, an attempt more to inject colors from Dunlap’s mind’s eye rather than being subject to his keen and masterful observational skills. There are some not obvious inspirations such as classic album covers, influenced by both music and psychedelic color vibrations. You can see the sculptural influences in building the form from the artist’s lifelong influence of Michelangelo, as well as Diebenkorn, Kokoschka, Van Gogh.


Images Courtesy of
Sirona Fine Art