Kyu Steed is a Paris born singer, producer and DJ who was the mastermind behind the infamous „Hype Means Nothing” clothing brand which turned streetwear-culture upside down. Furthermore he was the first DJ to ever perform at a Whitelies Magazine party. We caught up with Kyu to talk about his history, education and ETE96.

Kyu, whats up?
What’s good man thank’s for the interview.

Who inspired you most growing up?
My big brother. He kind of raised me. He’s 7 years older than me and growing up with him gave me the opportunity to see and learn all the stuff I wasn’t supposed to know when I was young.

Where did you grow up anyway?
I grew up in Paris 15 mins away from the center in an area called the 92 ( it’s the post code ) to be very precise.

How did your experience growing up there translate into your worldview?
I really enjoyed my childhood out there, everything is cool when you’re young but when you start to grow and understand the world you also realize that this place is too small for you and you need to get out of there while you can. Traveling is a lifesaving, leaving your area or your hood is the best way for you to learn about who you are, about life and people.

Did you always know you wanted to work in music?
As I remember yes. I stopped attending school at 15 years old and I was already making music and worked on the chorus for a couple french artists. At 16 I was on tour already.

To be a good musician you have to know how the whole scene works and explore the network. When did your education begin?
I’m part of the generation that came before the internet (I just turned 30 ), generation MTV, The Source Magazine, Smack DVD and all this shit that was harder at the time - Google wasn’t there for you like today (laughts). That was the beginning of internet for us and at that time I had no computer. You want some answers take the train and go get them. You made some connections that were only about organic relationship - kinda like „this guy makes music and is the cousin of that other guy you grow up with etc”. My cousin was Dj at that time and he was the one who introduced me to the party scene when I was 15 or 16.


Good influence. How do you see yourself?
As a free guy - I’m blessed to do whatever I want - everyday. I work 24/7 but I need it in order to create. Music or clothing. Depending on my mood.

Have you defined yourself yet?
I would never. I don't know if it’s neccesary at the moment. My goal is to express myself and share what I have with the people who understand and support what I do.

You told me you are working on a clothing project with our mutual friend Julien Boudet, what can you already tell us?
Yeah bro, the projects name is ETE 96 - a tribute to all the french rappers from our generation and before. We are both fans of rap music and as a guy who grew up in France, french rap was a big part of my education. The goal is the tribute aspect and also to try to share to a new generation what happened before all the rappers they can hear on the radio today. All those rappers are legends to us - people need to keep hearing about them.

Roots. Whats your star sign?

No surprise. What’s on your mind today?
I’m exciting about all the new project I’m working on, I got couple of bullets for this year!


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