Japanese label DEVOA by designer Daisuke Nishida constructs of pattern toward movement of skin, muscle, and frame for an action. Through the use of innovative fabrics with an emphasis of selecting the best fabric mills, the garments evolve organically from the individual properties of the materials. By avoiding mass production techniques the label regularly produces limited edition lines from rare, one-off fabrics.

At Berlin’s celebrated fashion store Darklands DEVOA presented a unique installation: „Uncertain” is a creation whose shape, textures and display take inspiration in different concepts. The „Kake-jiku” is a japanese hanging scroll that serves the purposes of displaying and exhibiting East Asian painting and calligraphy. This scroll is built on the golden ratio 2:1, most beautiful when seen from a sit-down point of view - a position very much anchored in Japanese culture.

The „Awagami Washi” is a particular hand-made japanese paper. Produced as a wall paper, its color is a combination of three different colors. The combination of these three colors never produce the same final result.

The „Shell Cordovan” is the thinest existing leather surface. It is so thin that the dying result is impossible to foresee, thus each piece comes out of accident. The unicity and uncertainty of these processes creates, for designer Daisuke, what one would call Beauty.


DEVOA is represented by Seiya Nakamura