„You will miss sunshine when you have your eyes closed.” - This sentence caught my attention while browsing through my notebook that I filled with joy during my travels through Mexico and Guatemala. Stuffed with sketches, wisdoms, memes and names to connect with new friends. I remember that I wrote down this sentence after seeing it as a tattoo on a womans neck, while waiting to get into some ancient Mayan ruins. After I got over the fact how poorly this tattoo was done, I started to think about the message of it. If she would ever know that this cheesy wisdom made me happy and inspired me to write these words, I could propably give her some happiness back, what would obviously make me happy again.

However, as random as these words might sound, I guess I found truth in it myself. An overwhelming truth that I carry inside of my heart since the moment I decided to see the world. Slowly but surely working yourself through the top list of destinations that have caught your attention on your distinctive way through life. Places that might feel like a missing link to a bigger picture, a wider knowledge of life and your place in this world. A unique timeframe, that feels like a blank canvas that you fill and color with journeys, emotions, love, friends and life goals.


On this journey of body and mind some things are easier to decide one, some things you have an influence on and some you don’t. Some don’t bring the expected result you hoped for while others happen to have a great impact on your life. I would say travelling is one of these things that add these distinctive colors to your blank canvas called life. The unique colors and pinstripe that add up with the time create a very unique arrangement that could be seen as an artform created by your very inner self. And when you are back in your so called „real-life” you can use this canvas to inspire others, to spread wanderlust or simply to wallow in memories of happy daze.

Memories, places, food, textures and human diversity that in all its unity create a spectacle of the senses that you carrie inside yourself. Something that makes you grow taller, something that widens your horizon, something to tell friends and family about, a knowledge that is yours. Your personal experience of the world you live in. Connect. Taste, smell, talk, feel, observe. Be open. The key to understanding each other. To be smiled at and to smile back. Whoever, Wherever. I want to learn from the world, I want to see all its shades and experience the beauty of existance. Open your senses to see what is out there and also what is happening inside of yourself.


What do I want? What do I want to see? What kind of person do I want to be and how do I get there? The moment on my travels that I can physically take as an example, was our hike up the Acatenango. An active 4000m high volcano in the environs of Antigua, Guatemala. We started the hike at 4:00 in the morning. Pitch black and degrees around zero. The guide, my boy and me. The first hour we steeply went up the hill on a muddy loose ground that allowed no real progress. A 5h long journey that brought us through different climate and nature zones. The hike upwards is hard, and as we all know, the way down is always easier. I went from crying to pure exhaustion, and finally wanting to quit the whole thing. My boyfriend motivated me every second he felt I needed it and despite all my doubts we made it up. The propably most rewarding moment ever. Being above clouds, pure serenity and a view that was breathtaking. A moment of deep gratitude overcame ourselves combined with the happiness of reaching a goal that you would have thought was out of your radius.

Making it! The joy of overcoming fears, expanding your boundaries, challenging yourself outside of your comfort zone and getting to know yourself in a very unique way. An experience for a lifetime that gave me motivation to climb even bigger mountains. Speechless of all the happiness I was stuffed with I remembered the words „you will miss sunshine when you have your eyes closed”.


Words & Photography
Theresa Gross