Clothes are a subtle language in themselves. Mastering the vocabulary means that no matter where or when, you’re dressed with integrity. We know this as style, as having complete freedom - a grand gesture made regardless of the gaze of others. It’s being able - with even a single garment - to be independent of place and time. It’s a freeing that goes far beyond the borders of an occasion. It’s being able to say, „This is how I look and that’s that.”

This approach to life is now translated into the textile form of a robe. Together with the fashion label Fyne - muun has created a robe that unites the classic silhouette of a trench coat with the lightness of a bathrobe. The robe stands for an eclectic kind of self-image. Of always being dressed perfectly with a timeless classic. Of being stress free, beyond the strictures of dress codes so you can experience lightness and enjoyment, wellbeing and warmth. And just like this, these new horizons are woven together in the Robe.


Photography Stefan Dotter