WHITELIES met Eddy de Pretto, a Paris suburbs born singer-songwriter in a Parisian café. The young artist is a ‘bottom-up’ performer of French chanson.

How are you doing today?
Alright, nice weather, amazing view.

Eddy, what did you want to be growing up?
I wanted to go on stage mainly. I wanted to be close to people and close to myself through art either through theater, music, or dance, but I wanted to do something on the show bench. It’s something really exciting for me. I organized small plays in my mum’s house with my neighbour ; I stepped onto the stage of my living room.

Nice way to begin. Where did you grow up? 
I grew up in Créteil [a Paris suburb], at the end of metro line number 8.

What’s you astro sign?
Taurus! A dynamic person, brave, who is hungry for success, who wants to reach his goals no matter the pitfalls. I have this characteristic . I want, I want I want, and I use everything that pisses me off to bounce back, to be even more conquering.

Could you please complete my sentences?

An artist is…
someone who allows me to rise, to question myself, even to bother me.

Masculinity is…
virility, my father, conquest, without flaw, without feeling down, who plays with a ball. The pure man literally embodies all the old-fashioned codes you know, patriarchy…

Style is… 
how you wear it. It’s not a matter of outfit. You can give the same outfit to fifteen different people and some will know how to wear it and it will look good, stylish, self-sufficient, while the others won’t take it on. They won’t feel good with it. It’s all about feeling confident with what you want to show off.

Talent is
something you have to work for as Brel (French singer) use to say. Talent does not exist, even if there are tiny innate bits of it. If you don’t refine this basic talent, if you don’t work for it, nothing will happen. You have to work in order to grow your inner potential. You have to make frantic attempts to succeed. I was a lazy guy at school I had facilities but, when you get further the expectations raise at the same time. I forced myself and I became a hard-worker.

What would you order in a bar ? 
I like to order ginger beer at the moment. You find it in rather hip places in Paris.

Who inspires you ?
As I said earlier, Jacques Brel, especially his words, the intensity of his words, his diction. Being able to understand everything he wanted to transmit, the emotions he wants to stir at the first listen. There are millions of people who want to sing but we don’t necessarily understand what they want to say. We immediately understand where Brel wanted to take us. It was clear!
Frank Ocean as well for his tunes. He has incredible tunes. He is a great composer with soul vibes, both deep and high-pitched. He has such an impressive tessitura. That’s what inspires me and attracts me a lot.

Small town or big city ?
Big city. Paris is the ideal one. I like it because it is not too big, like London for example. It’s a pretty city and I have all my friends here.

Do you write at home or outside ?
At home. I need a calm space and consider myself a little monomaniac. I usually write at home. I need my tidy room, my desk, the right ray of sunshine… The tidier it is, the messier it gets in my head. I also need a clear mind, without thinking about anything else such as washing the dishes or the laundry. I try to create positive conditions to get inspiration every single day.

What’s you favorite place ?
On stage for sure. It’s were I realize myself. Being on stage brings me a sort of self-fulfillment. I always feel comfortable and I want to stay there.

But don't you ever get stage-fright?
It’s okay. I try to transform it in a strong desire to succeed and to take in members of the public one by one. I can’t wait to go on tour to see how it will go. It starts in November in France. It’s called La Tournée des Inouïs and I’ll be with Ash Kidd, another French rap singer. I’m quite excited already.

What scares you the most ?
The shower curtain. You know, when it’s sticks to you…

What are your plans for today ?  
There are lots of interviews today and I’ll prepare my second clip with my director Axel Morin. Sport also - I run for endurance as I move quite a lot on stage. And a rehearsal for a Web session before Saturday’s live show. It’s called Fnac live and it starts tomorrow. I think it’s quite cool to be part of it, especially for an emerging artist.

One last question. Any projects for the future ?
We have this tour and my first EP (four song album) will be out on October 6th. I will then prepare my album for 2018.

Interview & Words
Chloé Cosson

Photography courtesy of
Eddy de Pretto