On the Danish island of Lolland, TOTEM COLLECTIVE visited the old residence of painter and sculptor Richard Winther. Nestling quietly in the minuscule village of Vindeby, this is the place where the former professor at the Royal Danish Art Academy and enfant terrible of Danish art spent his otium.

After years in Paris and other big cities of Europe, Richard Winther returned to this village in 1993, away from everything we know in the global artistic map, and lived until his death in 2007. Once a nursing home for elderly people, this house was not only Richard Winter’s home, but also as his atelier and workshop. The unique character of the house is now considered a treasure in Danish cultural history. And it is probably one of Denmark’s best kept secret that not many have heard about even domestically.

On the outside, the typical Danish brick house looks no different than any other traditional residences in the region. But stepping inside was an instant transformation into a whole other universe. The wide range of wall paintings and sculptures carved out from the original structure of the house, most of which are inspired by antique mythology, create an unusual atmosphere in every corner of the house. This was the space he created for his soul and his artistic pursuits, perhaps never wanted to be known or discovered, the treasure he buried showcases all his thoughts and inspirations, in a lonely man’s shell.

TOTEM COLLECTIVE, an accessories brand based in Scandinavia and Asia, took the BACKPACK 01 and the TOTE 01 on a journey and spent a Saturday afternoon at Winther’s palace.


Photography Baixiang Chen & Thomas Olafsson
Words Morten Krogh