IGO Studio is a french studio created by Steven Mazzola and Coline Munier and mostly working on the Ego-Trip photo - a provocative photographical style that aims at showing pictures one after another, most of them troubling, moving, even involved, but mostly is a style full of humor, irony and mockery. IGO Studio uses this irony to depict a borderless, limitless generation (1980- 1999), the Millennials. Ego-Trip works on digital natives is echoing a strange reality surrounding the Internet.

IGO Studio is deeply connected to street morals and seek to affect minds through nonsense of the result. It tries to enhance human flaws turning it into great ideas. The succession of pictures, specific to the Ego-Trip, can be associated to other picture streams we can find on Google images or on social networks. But it also creates a bond with the satirical, critical world of urban culture, typical of digital natives.

In art, people have troubles separating the person who creates and real life. You take a picture, it’s just a photo. It’s useless to try to get to know us through the picture. IGO became the freed part of ourselves, the one that speaks its mind, that takes what we can be upon ourselves, our actions, what we think and say. The audience, often used to look for a meaning, usually has troubles facing a picture in a simple way, with no expectations. It can fool itself into trying to find references, atmospheres, perspectives - forgetting about detecting feelings in the picture.


IGO Studio