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The warm spring sunlight had already slipped away when we arrived at a studio in Berlin’s industrial Lichtenberg. We’d come here to talk to Adrienne Jüliger: Germany’s most promising young model-export. The first time her signature “four-freckle-cheek” popped up on our radar was when she graced the cover of MUSE Magazine #34 - her career has skyrocketed ever since.

We usually form assumptions about extroversion when thinking about models - women who can work a camera with ease often work their surroundings just as effortlessly, for both require the same mastery of vanity and affectation. When we found Adrienne relaxed in a chair, having her make-up removed, we found a down-to-earth, introverted soul. Trading early mornings in nature for any party in the world, her ability to converse with animals is just one of a range of surprising traits.


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Good evening Adrienne, what did you eat for breakfast?
I don’t even remember. I think it was a sandwich.

What did you want to be growing up?
An artist.

I thought you wanted to be a horse rider?
I didn’t really think about having a life with horses. It was not a job but pure passion.

How were you discovered as a model then?

I was in Cologne and my mother agent randomly talked to me on the street. I was streetcast.


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How did you experience the presence and aura of models when you grew up, did it fascinate you?
I always followed the iconic models who are now a bit older actually. They always carried that very natural beauty which I always admired. They expressed such an intense lightness.

Do you want to stick to modeling or move on at some point. How about acting?
Well first I want to concentrate on what I’m doing in this very moment. Work hard and achieve as much as possible. And afterwards comes what comes. I don’t have a plan. I’m not reluctant to act but not at the moment.

Does the fashion scene feel like a family to you?
Sure. You work with a variety of people who you meet again and again all over the globe and until now I was welcomed by everyone and was treated like a friend. It’s that kind of “we are all sitting in the same boat” mentality.


The situation nowadays is that models work more closely together with stylists and casting directors than with the designers themselves. At least that’s what Naomi Campbell said. Do you experience it in the same way?
Partially true. I do have more contact with stylists and casting directors. It always depends on the brand. I think the closest collaboration is always at the runway shows since the designer is present during the fitting and observes you so everything goes right. But it’s still not very direct.

Who did you have the closest contact with?
Jason Wu at Hugo Boss. That was an immediate collaboration. Everyone was in the same room, there was a vibrant creative energy pulsating.

Did you have a Mentor?
Ann, my mother agent. My number one companion for everything. Even before I really started working.


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Let’s move away from fashion. Helen Thompson once said that by “in riding horses, we borrow freedom”. Are you seeking escapism at home with your horses as a relief from the fast-paced industry?
Definitely. It’s my way of calming down. Leaving my sorrows and thoughts behind.

What will you do in your 80s?
Enjoy a simple life somewhere in the countryside in a wooden hut.

It’s funny how everyone in our generation already talks about living a decelerated life again at some point.
It is, isn’t it? I’m already like that - not a big-city person. New York is too much for me. London is too much for me. Most of my time I spend in Bonn with my parents in the countryside.

Read the full interview in our latest print issue.


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