17 August marks the annual Indonesian Independence Day and it is for this occasion that the creatives Don Aretino and Ryan Tandya synthesised their dual energies. Honouring the multiplex relationship of tradition and modernity in their Indonesian culture, they present a gracious interpretation of current identity.

BHINNEKA TUNGGAL IKA (Unity in Diversity) is a central notion in the Indonesian ideology of Pancasila - a philosophical theory of state that praises religious and ethnic plurality. With more than seventeen thousand islands, Indonesia is the world’s largest island country; and just like the millenary patches of land, the people are wonderfully diverse.

Don Aretino is a Berlin based menswear fashion designer from Medan in North Sumatra. By combining traditional Balinese motifs, materials and jewellery with contemporary, geometric patterns and cuts, he achieves harmony in free expression. Traveling back and forth between Berlin and Jakarta, Ryan Tandya embraces cultural potencies that are perceptible in all his photographic works and international editorials.

Venturing beyond predefined rules of religion or tradition, these like-minded individuals both challenge and respect existing aesthetic norms. An interwovenness of past and present, of (cross)-cultural and personal identity is therefore at the core of the fourth collaboration.


"The Power of Love vs. The Love of Power"


Photography Ryan Tandya  Styling Don Aretino
Models Essi & Kyla  Hair & Make-Up Hendrik Gebhardt
Pieces Ayu Udiyani