The reinterpretation of Charles Bukowski's poem "Alone with everybody" is a personal project directed by Adrián Suárez and by produced by Demente. It was filmed in Madrid, Cundinamarca in Colombia.

Charles Bukowski's work covers various current themes using a very direct language. Reading his poems seems to unveil hidden dimensions of reality. This is why Adrián Suárez chose to pass one of his works from paper to screen and develop a compact short piece with a very cinematographic and international look. 

Directed by Adrián Suárez

Born in Madrid, Spain Adrián Suárez began his professional career working as an art director and creative supervisor for different advertising agencies in Spain such as DDB Madrid and Dommo. His passion for story-telling led him to take a leap into audiovisual direction both in the field of advertising and documentary film. Right now he is based in Bogotá, Colombia, working in a production company called Demente. His previous personal project "Instruction for singing" a Cortázar poem, has been awarded in different films festival such as TIFF, Cinefest Los Angeles, Lift Off New York, Norwich Film Festival, Miami International Film Festival, Puerto Madero Film Festival, MIFF, Nola and MF.