WHITELIES presents LET THE SWAN BE YOUR GUIDE, a fictional fashion film based in the city of Antwerp. It stems from the format of a city guide, showcasing the work of Belgian designers on the way, in a travelling reverie through time. Loosely based around the course of a woman's day, it follows her journey through the city, on a joy ride of lush interiors and surreal situations. The woman, whose identity is veiled during the length of the film, is finally revealed in the cradle of the city’s history, the notorious Antwerpen Hand.

The film puts Antwerp's emerging fashion scene in the spotlight, mixing it with archives of the most established houses; as an hommage to the city's role as an avant-garde incubator for some of the most influential designers in the field.

LET THE SWAN BE YOUR GUIDE is the pilot of a series of fashion films called TONIC STATES. The project is initiated by Alexia Cayre and Lee Wei Swee, focusing on the fashion scene of cities beyond the London/Milan/New York/Paris paradigm.

Written, produced and directed by
Alexia Cayre & Lee Wei Swee


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