January 11th – February 17th 2018
Cristin Tierney Gallery, 540 West 28th St, NYC

This exhibition of new video works is the next in the gallery's annual black box programming that highlights the moving image. In pause, new video works present images of life in harbor and seaside areas around eastern Long Island, Massachusetts, and the Atlantic coast of France. A two-screen work, ebb and flow, was made in Montauk harbor, Shinnecock inlet, and the famous New Bedford harbor.

The dual projections portray fishing boats moored to docks or churning through water, creating powerful juxtapositions of form, perspective, and color. At times the images seem nearly mirrored, but small differences reveal themselves upon close observation. A boat turning is seen simultaneously from the side and from behind; a bird faces one direction on one screen, the opposite direction on the other; the same boat is pictured at different stages of loading, unloading, and docking. Between each sequence, the screen cuts to a “pause”—imageless blackness.


Images Courtesy of
Cristin Tierney Gallery