Since the launch in 2016, Aaizél is defined by the delicate balance of masculinity and femininity with modern elegance and traditional tailoring twist. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Aaizél presents season-less pieces to cater to both hemispheres to connect to a wider audience with timeless styles that can easily be layered.


"What intrigues me is the juxtaposition of two completely different personalities and aesthetics and experimenting with contrasting textures, turning them into something very special yet very wearable” says Minnie Jo, the creator behind Aaizél, she designs and constructs each piece to compliment and accompany existing work and weekend wardrobe.

Coming into the 3rd season, chapter III of Aaizél is designed for the woman seeking classic elegance with an eye for the modern. The collection with influences from the High Renaissance and Metaphoric Architecture, it revolves around luxurious silks and romantic silhouettes with touches of tailoring and angular cuts, giving dynamism to soft minimalism.

Director Sharon Hakim  Music Diboujone
Models Lili Steele & Arianna Alexis  Beauty Miki Matsunaga
Hair Yui Hirohata