The Nobis Hotel Copenhagen is housed in an historic 5,400-square-meter landmark building that originally served as the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music. Bringing the Nobis magic to the midst of the Danish capital, the hotel is architect Gert Wingårdh’s updated take on Le Corbusier. Danish classicism, which this building is a fine example of, is something special - more sophisticated, more stripped down than in Sweden. The historic landmark building on Niels Brocks Gade has been transformed into a cutting-edge contemporary luxury hotel - one where, like its Stockholm predecessor, food plays a central role.

The restaurant, which takes liberty with design styles from the 20th-century, borrows from the best of Nordic culinary traditions and serves up modern seasonal cuisine. At Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, modernism meets classicism and it’s all lusciously augmented by such embracing amenities as a gym, a sauna with cooling pool and hammam, a bar, and a lounge area that, taken together, serve as an attractive new locus for Copenhagen’s downtown social scene.


Tasked with overseeing the evolution of the property, star architect Gert Wingårdh and his team at Wingårdh Arkitekter sought to pay homage to the storied building’s roots while adding his own signature touches. The building’s imposing sense of space and elaborate, elegant detailing gives the interiors a natural grandeur.

The result is a masterclass in marrying old and new: original architectural elements - such as the wood and marble staircase - and motifs have been preserved and restored, delicately emphasizing every detail of the grand design.


While emphasizing the 1903 structure’s original architectural details and décor, Wingårdh’s added superior-quality natural materials, such as various marbles, stone, wood, and glass, with a subtly elegant color scale that includes beautiful green accents. In a contrast of styles, Wingårdh also created bold yet elegant looks that were inspired by Le Corbusier’s Sainte Marie de La Tourette monastery from the late 1950s.


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