January 28th - March 3rd 2018
Paul Kasmin Gallery, 293 Tenth Ave, NYC

Bernstein's exhibition features seven new large-scale paintings that emphatically continue the artist’s incendiary political critique of the current Trump administration. In the artist’s words, “I am showing Trump for what he is: a fool, a monster, a jester, a sexist, a racist. Donald Trump is a con artist, using the White House as his own personal cash machine.”

Money Shot will focus on new paintings from Bernstein’s Anti-Trump series following The Birth of the Universepaintings, which she began in 2011. Characterized by overt sexual iconography that is at once humorous and grotesque, the compositions also incorporate reinvented slang and catchphrases that eliminate any notion of ambiguity. The works in Money Shot also mark a return to the artist’s use of highly saturated, fluorescent paint — a material she first experimented with in the late 1960s.


Images Courtesy of
Paul Kasmin Gallery