Adamo Golán is a music producer and club-focused techno DJ with a fascination for the spheres of experimental music, ambient and film scores. Influenced by different cultures and driven by his love for experimentation, he has been uncompromisingly trying to develop his own musical voice.


His new album "Exile and The New" expresses this ongoing pursuit and marks the start of his most personal project to-date. Together with Studio B Severin, a Berlin-based design studio, and artist Ruby Mary Lennox he worked on the visualization of his release. The starting point for this collaboration was their shared fascination for Japanese culture which set the fundament for the video's aesthetic. As his music tends to contain a certain degree of otherworldliness, the video turns the flower’s natural decay process upside down.


Hi Adamo Golán or should I say Laurens, what is your current mood?
Hi guys! I'm in master dissertation mood and mode so Laurens is perfectly fine.

In which city are you currently living?
I'm currently based in London.

How are you liking it? How does the city in influence your personal work?
I really enjoy living here although I feel like it might be time for a new chapter. I’m kind of flirting with the idea of moving to LA, predominantly because of Hollywood and its film music ties. In any case, it will definitely be a city. For now, at least, I feel like I need this pulsating and surprising (in a positive and negative sense) environment. In a way, it makes me feel alive. So I'd rephrase your second question and say that rather than one city in particular, it's city life in general that heavily influences and fuels my work, creativity and being.

Were you always determined to become a musician?
Hah... I have no clue. I didn't grow up playing an instrument or making music. It was basically pure, but intense consumption. So the odds might have actually been somewhat against it. If I think about it now though, it kind of feels like it was somewhat meant to be.

What does a typical day in your life look like? Get up, drink a coffee and start producing?
I wish! As mentioned earlier, I'm still in the final phase of my studies so I'm trying to be focused on closing this chapter as successful as possible. Therefore, my day is still somewhat divided. A coffee, for sure though, is a crucial part of my morning routine.


You just released your debut album "Exile and the New", Congrats on that. What or who inspired you to be more experimental in your work?
Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! It came together pretty organically without initially having the notion of an album in mind. In the further progress, Francis Harris, a phenomenal musician who runs Kingdoms, the label where the record came out, influenced me and occasionally pushed me out of my comfort zone when it came to finalising the ideas and putting together the tracklist.

How do you approach producing a track? You obviously can't start with writing the lyrics ...
A feeling, I'd say. While the approach and the different steps or methods can vary, I feel like there's always an initial feeling that sparks the process and, in a way, guides me.

When and where are you most creative?
In my studio, with a whole day of making music ahead of me. I also like it when it is cloudy or rainy – so there is a less guilty conscience involved … regarding this, London is definitely not the worst spot.

For the launch of your album, you collaborated with Studio B Severin and artist Ruby Mary Lennox to make a video. How did this project evolve?
I approached Berlin-based Studio B Severin because I came across a similar video they've done a few years ago to promote one of their collections. I was hooked on the idea of transforming this into something suitable for the album. Without knowing it, Birgit, who's one half of the Studio, and I were following Ruby's magnificent work on Instagram. As she's based in Berlin too, Birgit decided to reach out to her. She loved the idea, they met and the things went their way.

Japanese culture is a central aspect of this collaboration. Where does your fascination for Japan come from?
To be honest, that was Birgit's input. However, it fell in a time when I got increasingly attracted to Japanese culture, design and minimalism. I fell in love with their sense of subtlety, naturalness and aesthetic profundity. My girlfriend visited the country recently and was truly captivated. I'd love to visit soon too.


Any future plans? Do you plan to stay more experimental or go back to the good old tech house?
Definitely the former. With a friend, I'm still running a techno project and will continue to do so. However, my personal focus lies on the more experimental spheres. I enjoy having a "blank piece of paper" too much to devote myself to a set musical structure and context. But I'm planning on involving more other musicians, vocalists in particular. That's something I'm super curious and excited about.

Lastly, choose the best one.
Day or night?


Reading or writing?

Fire or ice?

Europe or Asia?

Circles or squares?

Listen to Adamo Golán's "Exile and the New" here.

Music Adamo Golán @ Kingdoms
Video  Studio B Severin & Ruby Mary Lennox
Interview Isabella Rhein