Formentera for us is this no shoes, no news kind of place, a place for creative contemplation. This piece of land is dry, dusty, flat and windy: the perfect island to empty our heads and come back to what is essential.


We stayed at the former home of Bert Schierbeek, a Dutch writer who was part of the wave of creatives that chose the Balearics over Amsterdam from the fifties on. Schierbeek was part of COBRA, an international artistic movement that intended to renew and modernise the postwar visual arts and poetry with members like Karel Appel and Corneille. Schierbeek made his books and poems with an experimental collage technique which inspired us to apply to our photography: we mixed our images, sketches and paintings with magazine rip-outs, vintage postcards, notes from locals, artworks and other materials collected during our month on the island. On first sight the collages look randomly arranged, but after a while you’ll discover a certain structure, a rhythm, representing what this island stands for to us: isolation, connection, humility, sensibility, depth and sobriety.


Photography & Words
Arturo Bamboo