Italian-born filmmaker Andre Bato's latest film stems from a series of conversations between himself and British Chinese artist Faye Wei Wei, where mythical creatures such as the Fisher King and self-aware sea urchins rise to the surface in a seductive stream of consciousness – a sensory melting-pot of gently bobbing thoughts and gorgeous imagery.

Shot while Wei Wei was preparing for an exhibition in Athens, Bato's visual poem takes the form of a blissed out theatre play, replete with acts, preludes and intermissions, diving deep into the artist's gentle dreams. The film captures the intricately romantic and charming world of Faye Wei Wei and her paintings. The conversations between Bato and her reveal all the environments, characters, and iconography that are included in her imagery, all of which are drawn from the artist's own imaginary theatre play, as shapes that Faye takes on as soon as her oil hits the canvas.

via Nowness